Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29th - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

Yesterday's event was another success. Again the group focused on those areas which Medford's Occupy Movement can effect immediately. This week's upcoming calendar is chalked full of events.

Starting on Tuesday there will be an action at the Jackson County Courthouse (Medford) at 10:00 o'clock to march with Occupy Ashland. At 11:00 o'clock the same day, we will also be in Vogel Plaza like last week.

On Wednesday it has been decided to occupy the intersection of Poplar and McAdrews from 4:00-6:00 PM to accommodate those who work during the day or simply can't make the Tuesday occupation. These occupations are still focusing on moving your money and Bank Transfer Day.

On Thursday at 7:00, Oregon Action will be showing the movie Calling All Rebels at the Medford Congregational Church, 1801 E. Jackson St above Hedrick Middle School.

On Friday the 4th, Oregon Action will be filming people removing their money from major banks and transferring it to community banks. This is to create media which will encourage others to follow suit. Show your support, dedication, and awareness by removing your money.

For Saturday, there will be the usual GA meeting from 12:00-3:00, but there is also the potential for marching with the Occupy Ashland crew. More on this later. Another major event on Saturday would be this, Senator Merkley will be having a town hall meeting in Grants Pass at 3:00 PM. Having as many of us there as possible would be good for a number of reasons.

Some interesting ideas were brought up at this weeks GA. You know those pesky credit cards we all get in the mail on a consistent basis? Well, they also come with a prepaid postage envelope which we can stuff with Occupy fliers to send directly to the banks!

Another idea brought up was the creation of groups like those the NYCGA has been using for the last few weeks. Over the course of this week think of a few areas you'd like to see Occupy Medford focus on so we can have the 40 or so people which regularly attend  the meetings specialize in certain areas and issues.

As you can see we have a busy week ahead, come support and participate as much as you can! Keep up the good work everyone, we are growing in size, organization, and effectiveness every week! See you all soon!

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