Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 18th - What the Media Tries to Spin

These were the headlines on the Drudge Report this evening. These 6 headlines are what the people are seeing in regards to the Occupy Movement. How can we deal with this? If we see any wrong doings, we must police it quickly and with respect for the law, sending these people directly to the proper authorities. These sorts of things are the quickest way to bring down the movement. If the authorities will do nothing, we will know were they stand.

Beyond this I've heard of anarchists making visits to the rallies. We aren't anarchists, we want our government to change for the better, therefor we want it to exist.

On the Daily Show With John Stewart I saw a picture of a man defecating on a police cruiser. We can't allow this or the movement will never gain mainstream support. We must not forget, most of the people are developing their opinion through the media. Hell, no candidates for president have yet to make an appearance at an Occupy meeting even though the support throughout the country is phenomenal.

Then we have this, a pollster who says his group is likely the first to do a random sample survey of the Occupy Movement. Yet, throughout the article he aligns the protesters with political groups and says they are off base with American society at large. They also try to spin that Occupiers are not angry with the White House and that our focus is on Wall Street.

While Wall Street may have been where these movements started. I'm pretty sure a good deal of Americans understand the basics of the political system. We are controlled by a group of 555 officials in three branches of government. While we may have elected them, that is lazy reasoning to think that is where the problem stops.

In this country - for too long now - the people have been given choices presented by media. This system allows those with connections, power, and wealth, to present themselves as options for election. As a result, these 555 people are in control of the country through a not-so-up-front electoral system.

To top it off, there is an even greater number of people who are being payed to constantly petition government officials, the people known as lobbyists. 

So to wrap up. What can our movement do to shrug off these attempts at making us look like a bunch of uneducated, emotional, politically-aligned, whiners? How can we shape ourselves to be more powerful, more decisive, more blunt? It is our job over the next weeks and months, through the cold, snow, rain, sleet, mud, wind, and scorn, to direct ourselves towards serious change. We can't spend all of our time being pissed off, for an angry person has little time to think. We must calm ourselves long enough to develop a serious plan to move forward and effect positive change.

It must happen soon. We are change. We are the 99%. Even if 49% of us don't know it yet.

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