Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

The first thing one would notice when entering Alba Park is the smaller crowd. But is this a terrible thing? The range of issues spoken about in the last meeting was eye opening, yet the smaller crowd today seemed to be focused on key issues which can quickly make a difference in our community and can send a message to the banks and politicians who've gotten us in to this mess.

To the banks? Money talks, so we're going to give you the silent treatment by removing it from your institutions. We will inject it in to the life stream that is our community, and you will no longer be able to manipulate our people.

To the politicians? Your next.

These were the main issues which were spoken about throughout the meeting of about 50-60 people. The Oregon State Bank, Bank Transfer Day, buying/selling/trading locally, and how to keep the movement's momentum. What I like about this the most is the ability to see quick results, the fact that it will affect our immediate area, and yet we still show our solidarity with the greater Occupy movement and the range of issues affecting America and the world today.

Some decisions which were made throughout the meeting are as follows:
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 11-2 there will be gatherings at Vogel Plaza (next to the Criterian Theatre) to help get the word out about Move Your Money Day & Bank Transfer Day. It was asked that if you wish to attend and choose to bring signs that they please (not required) be in regards to Move Your Money and/or Bank Transfer Day.
  • The General Assembly for Occupy Medford will be consistently held on Saturdays from Noon until 3 in Alba Park until it is voted otherwise.
  • Acting treasurer will be Eric and Mark.
  • Acting secretary will be Angela and Nick (me).
Some items of importance mentioned include:
  • Jobs for Justice has voted to support Occupy Medford and Ashland. One of their members, Wess, has offered Occupy Medford the use of their megaphone for Saturday General Assemblies.
  • How donated money should be allocated and spent.
  • The sudden increase in accounts created with community banks in the area.
Some suggestions made by attendees included:
  • Seeing the movie put on monthly by Citizens for Peace and Justice.
  • Creating an educational page for the Occupy Medford Website.The page would help educate on what businesses are locally owned and operated so most or all of a person's purchases support the local economy, information about banking in the area, and other potential subjects.
  • Find creative ways to educate people on the bank they are with and why they should switch.
Organizations which showed their support included:
Previous meetings' write-ups:

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