Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16th - Abuse of Power: Protecting Property Over People

Suspiciously many organizations based on Wall Street or with a great deal of wealth have been making massive donations to the NYPD. As it goes, the NYPD have been arresting a great deal of protesters for minuscule offenses such as not being on a side walk. Ironically, they say they must remain on the sidewalk so traffic is not blocked...yet there are hundreds of police occupying the street...

When this sort of abuse starts happening, things turn violent. I expect to see this more and more as the movement gains momentum. Soon it will be tear gas and rubber bullets. When that happens it will be a scary day for the people of New York.

A person is run over by a police scooter, there are two sides to the story.

This video shows a person being knocked out with a punch from a white shirted NYPD member.

This is a second angle of the same knock out punch. Apparently it tore the person's earring out causing a loss of blood.

Conglomeration of arrests in New York. The speech at the end of this video makes a valid point.

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