Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29th - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

Yesterday's event was another success. Again the group focused on those areas which Medford's Occupy Movement can effect immediately. This week's upcoming calendar is chalked full of events.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

The first thing one would notice when entering Alba Park is the smaller crowd. But is this a terrible thing? The range of issues spoken about in the last meeting was eye opening, yet the smaller crowd today seemed to be focused on key issues which can quickly make a difference in our community and can send a message to the banks and politicians who've gotten us in to this mess.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19th - Oregon State Bank Meeting

The Oregon State Bank meeting was a success. A success in regards to setting tasks to people so the action can gain momentum. Many tasks were centered around the divestment movement.

What this means is people must start removing their money from the major banks. It almost seems like an obvious solution that people across the country should have picked up on long ago. They failed us, and when an entity fails you, you quit supporting it. Because banks invest our deposited money in other schemes, it would make sense to divest our money as soon as they fail. It removes their ability to invest in these faulty schemes.

The second point of the meeting was to discuss the creation of the Oregon State Bank. This again ties in to divesting in a way. Oregon banks through the major banks, as do our counties, cities, and people. This is in itself a very destructive way of handling our money. When our government and people invest their money in local [community] banks, the money stays local. As a result, the money is recycled through the local economy roughly seven times through job creation, wages, spending, etc.

It would seem we have all been fooled to so thorough a degree by the banks that we have been investing in entities which send the money to foreign markets and even markets across state borders. So what do we do?

Well let's start on a personal level. By participating in Bank Transfer Day on November 5th you will be making a significant statement as to your feelings about the operations in the current financial market. Then, there is what San Jose and some other cities have been doing. We must convince local and regional governments to bank through local institutions as well. Again, taking millions of dollars and pumping it into the local economy. Lastly, we must convince our state which runs billions of dollars through the large banks to create a state bank so all of the money stays within our state and the immediate region.

October 18th - What the Media Tries to Spin

These were the headlines on the Drudge Report this evening. These 6 headlines are what the people are seeing in regards to the Occupy Movement. How can we deal with this? If we see any wrong doings, we must police it quickly and with respect for the law, sending these people directly to the proper authorities. These sorts of things are the quickest way to bring down the movement. If the authorities will do nothing, we will know were they stand.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17th - A Speech From October 15th's Occupy Medford: By Emery

What started on Wall Street on the 17th of September has evolved into a carrion call to create a better world, it is a declaration that this world of corporate corruption, economic disparity and systemic wars is not the best we can do and no matter how much we are beaten down, we will never lose faith in a more ethical world. We are united to face the injustices of the past and meet the challenges of the future. We are united in on ongoing discussion, but even more importantly, ongoing action to create a world where we are free from the tyrannies of a flawed political system and the oppression of corporate capital.

October 17th - Why We Exist

It seems I'm being required to constantly defend myself and the movement as to why we're doing what we are. Why we stand outside for hours at a time, why we march around town, why we spend hours typing out papers, performing research, and creating networks of people who want their voice heard. Often these accusations come from strangers, but family and friends seem to play a big role in forcing me to defend myself as well.

So I've decided to make a list. These are the things I know I'm angry with and most likely cover a good base of the population. They are not in order because everything on this list deserves to be corrected, the order in which they are corrected matters not so long as they are corrected.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16th - Bank Transfer Day

In the near future is a movement to transfer accounts for a major bank to a local credit union known as Bank Transfer Day (see Event Page). Credit unions keep the money local, helping grow the local economy. In all reality it seems like a no-brainer! Why haven't we been doing this since the Bush bailouts?

The movement was created by Kristen Christian, a 27 year old art dealer from San Francisco. When asked by's Jen Doll about why she started the movement Kristen had this to say :

October 16th - Abuse of Power: Protecting Property Over People

Suspiciously many organizations based on Wall Street or with a great deal of wealth have been making massive donations to the NYPD. As it goes, the NYPD have been arresting a great deal of protesters for minuscule offenses such as not being on a side walk. Ironically, they say they must remain on the sidewalk so traffic is not blocked...yet there are hundreds of police occupying the street...

When this sort of abuse starts happening, things turn violent. I expect to see this more and more as the movement gains momentum. Soon it will be tear gas and rubber bullets. When that happens it will be a scary day for the people of New York.

October 15th - Citibank Arrests

It has come to my attention that roughly 24 people were arrested in Citibank for attempting to close their accounts with the bank. While it is not clear exactly what happened in the bank, what is clear is this: the bankers are scared.

On a civil note, there were laws broken by the security guards which will not be covered by anyone. Closing and locking your doors while police arrive is a crime. It's called kidnapping. Here is a video of the incident.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15th - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

Today was the first meeting for the Occupy movement in Medford, Oregon. I arrived roughly 45 minutes after people had started gathering in Alba Park across from the Medford Post Office. Shortly after my arrival began the open session where people with a desire to be heard were able to speak to the Medford movement as a whole.
I immediately began to take notes on the points within each speaker’s conversation so as to gain a picture of the Occupy Medford’s persona. With roughly 30 speaker’s participating, the topics covered a variety of areas.