Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 17th - A Speech From October 15th's Occupy Medford: By Emery

What started on Wall Street on the 17th of September has evolved into a carrion call to create a better world, it is a declaration that this world of corporate corruption, economic disparity and systemic wars is not the best we can do and no matter how much we are beaten down, we will never lose faith in a more ethical world. We are united to face the injustices of the past and meet the challenges of the future. We are united in on ongoing discussion, but even more importantly, ongoing action to create a world where we are free from the tyrannies of a flawed political system and the oppression of corporate capital.

To political leaders both local and national. The people are waking up, they are shrugging off the tired political apathy which ahs dominated our consciousness for so long. Join with the people you represent and help lead. Fight for a more equitable society where the 99% has 99% of the voice. Political power must be held exclusively by the people, and no longer by corporations and money.

To the media. You are witnessing the dawn of a political and social movement. It is your duty to spread the information of this movement, to be transparent to the public and hide nothing. You have more power than any political party or any corporation, because you have the power of information. Use this power to support the people who are trying to overcome the injustices which have gone unopposed for too long, not to support the status-quo which perpetuates this oppression. To be silent or uninvolved in this movement could mean its undoing.

To the public. We are all 99% only when we join together will we be able to create something better, only when we unite will we see the world change. We are all equal members of this society, and we all equally witness the oppressions wthis society perpetuates. Together we can overcome, we must overcome, and we will. Come into the streets with your fellows, join voice with them and live again.

There is a tide rising in the masses, it travels towards new shores. We are the doctors, the small businessmen, the unemployed, the students; we are anarchists, socialists, disenfranchised democrats and republicans, libertarians. We fought for our country in Iraq and Afghanistan because we were told that third world countries were our greatest threat, we have sacrificed our money and livelihood to bail out banks and multi-national corporations because we were told they were too big to fail but we were too small to save, we have smothered ourselves in student loan debt to try and get jobs which we were told exist but don’t, we have bought pre-packaged rationalizations which told us that this suffering is just the way things are and there is nothing we can do to change it. We have been told all this, and we have listened, but the time to listen is over, now it is time to speak and world to listen. We the speakers call upon all those who have felt the weight of suffering that this world perpetuates but remained silent to join us in speaking out.

We are the 99%. We will stay quiet no longer. We are creating a new world.

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