Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gotta Love Fox News!

I like this video, now let me tell you why. 

1. Half way through the heavy set man says exactly what a "fair and balanced" news organization would say, that Occupy has the right to protest the people responsible for the financial crisis. 

2. The main pundit in this video (the guy who's pic is in the attached thumbnail for the video) at one point says, "Well what about the sex scandals and crimes...?" Yes, what about them? Imagine we're a political party, would that make it different? To the afore-mentioned pundit it likely would seeing as he seems to feel "the right" must apologize before they can move forward. So I ask, what about the multiple scandals within BOTH major American political parties...from penis tweets to Solyndra, both political parties have scandals. Here's the catch, we're not a political party and the people who committed crimes within the parks are simpletons with no responsibilities to society as a whole other than to be a law abiding citizen. A president, a senator, a representative, a judge, these people are held to a higher standard. They make laws and therefore had better have an even high standard and sense of morality than the average citizen.

3. The final thing which stuck out to me in this video was when the lady pundit asks, "Where are the liberal women standing up for this sex crime? Why aren't they enraged over this?" Well, here's the irony. When Liberty Plaza (Zuccoti Park) was still in full swing, you know, before the police (mayor Bloomberg) threw away all the books, food, media, structures, clothing, blankets, and other resources, this same station was laughing at the movement's response in having a women's only sleeping area in an enclosed, large tent. They mocked it, scoffed at it, and said it was a pointless gesture which was demonstrating the lack of efficiency within the Occupy Movement. Yet when it's convenient, sparked over some 20-something's dumb ass Twitter comment, then the women in the movement suddenly have an extra mar on their record for not standing up for themselves when there were a few incidents in a park crowded by a variety of people. I believe there were a total of 5 major (still minor in the national scheme of things) drug/sex incidents in the few months before the camps' forced disbandment and yet these of course are the focus of this major news outlet (and likely others, fortunately I don't watch much television). Truly it is a John Stewart and Stephen Colbert gold mine in this video. Maybe I'll suggest it to their staff?