Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd - Drudge Headlines

I woke up this morning and as usual checked the Drudge Report first as it is a quick way to see a plethora of varied news. The headlines of course were about yesterday's Occupy Movement, the general strike, and how the Anarchists are once again trying to destroy anyone's hope of being taken seriously. But alas, there was instant irony in a following headline and in some headlines not much further down the page. Check this out!

So the question is, why are the municipal powers bowing to their federal task masters? Why are they allowing themselves to be pressured in to shutting down or attempting to shut down occupation after occupation? When will they realize we are done?

In the past 10 years my future has been completely taken from me and it's all due to the greed of a few million people world wide. I'm done trying to reason with these people. I'm not saying I'm getting violent yet, but I am not going to allow myself to be a victim of a system I was born in to. This world has taken my future, beat it, taken the clothes off its back, and left it to starve.

Anyone who is against the Occupy Movement is against honor, truth, justice, and morality. This is the bottom line. If you think we have problems now, wait for a few more years, I'm sure as hell not. I'd like to have children of my own but who in their right mind would bring a child in to this world with THOUSANDS of dollars in debt already on their tax laden shoulders while soulless entities pay NOTHING

Up to this point in my life I have tried hard not to hate people, good or bad. These are the Christian morals I was instilled with and believed in for a long time, most of which I still keep true and dear. Yet, one I can no longer agree with in regards to those afore mentioned few million people: do good unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

We as a nation, as a world, have been abused by those who would have us believe they are Christians, or even if they don't fall under this umbrella of assumed morality, they are good people. We have seen this to be false, they are coin counters. The very same coin counters whose tables were once overturned by the pinnacle of morality, Jesus.

Even if no one can be rightfully compared to the story of Jesus for obvious reasons, we need another table turner. I will be one, you will be one, Occupy will be one. It's going to take months and years of dedication, hard work, and further oppression, but we as human beings can not be treated like slaves, like a life which matters only when it is subjugated to filling the coffers of evil people.

As a free mind, as an occupied mind, I call on those who would claim the same to focus on a few key issues in the upcoming months.

3. Occupying Your Mind: Learn How to Effect Change, Teach a Moral Standard Which Includes A Right to a Life Which Is Not Subjected To Debt Incurred By The Greedy and Power Hungry, Become Aware of What it Means to Be a Human Being and an American Patriot.

By focusing on the first two issues you will have accomplished the 3rd. I wish you all the best. This is a war for our minds, our wallets, and our pursuit of happiness, may we all survive it.


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