Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19th - Occupy Medford in Alba Park

About 20 people showed up to today’s cold and windy General Assembly in Alba Park. Starting with open discussion and announcements, Debbie Herzogh invites us to join in a protest dubbed Occupy Rural Oregon in regards to Representative Walden’s failures in communicating with his constituents. It was motioned and passed to support the protests through web awareness and Occupy Medford’s presence.

The foreclosure auction action has been moved to Monday, November 28th to improve effectiveness. We will continue to raise awareness about this issue until the event a potentially after. Make fliers, tell your neighbors, talk to coworkers and classmates. We need the community to come out in support of these people who are losing their homes.

Also, if by chance you are ever arrested in peaceful defiance, Allen Hallmark has given his contact info. Contact him should you ever need to, though hopefully none of us will.
Phone: 541-474-0288

Jobs for justice is hosting a speech by the person who helped the single payer legislature get passed through the Vermont legislature. The event will be in Ashland on December 14th at the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universal Fellowship from 7-9pm. The address of the Fellowship is 87 4th St.

Location Information:
As the winter months grow more harsh we will be moving indoors to the conference room at the Library. 

An update from Rich on the State Bank:
The State Bank Movement has played a crucial role in passing legislature allowing Community Banks & Credit Unions to perform banking duties for municipalities. They will be assisting in getting legislature solidified for a State Bank in the coming months.

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