Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20th - Can You Feel It?

The air is alive with the power of the people. It buzzes with the voice of millions who have had enough. Our time has come.

In New York City, 30,000 plus people rallied after Bloomberg's vindictive eviction of Zuccoti Park. But New York isn't the only place people have rallied in the past few days. Miami, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Canadian cities, Cairo, Athens, and many others have all rallied to show their anger, their awareness, and their overall impatience with the elite in this beautiful world.

If by chance you are feeling down about the successes of this movement, don't forget days like the 17th. Internationally the people are awakening and we will all play our part. While we may not immediately be given the opportunity to get pepper sprayed, shot with pepper guns, rubber bullets, or LRAD weapons, we will be laughed at, mocked, and degraded. Yet, these are signs of winning.

When you have the scorn of a small portion of the populous, then you still have their attention. They, whether they realize it or not, are learning about us, about the inefficiencies of our system, about the inequalities they themselves are subjected to. We aren't physically going anywhere, but soon we will be Occupying their minds if we haven't already.

Keep heart my compatriots. We are in the right, and it has never felt so good.

Peace, love, and success to my countrymen in the good fight. We will never stop fighting for the rights every human being is born with the instinctual knowledge of.



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