Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25th - Merry Christmas

Merry Christma-hana-kwanzika!!!

Often times in Occupy we get caught up in the symbols and definitions of our culture, associating them with out of control greed, manipulation, or a number of other negative aspects of greed and corruption which we all wish to change. But! There are things we must remember!

The holiday celebrations of this time of year don't only mean it is a time for people to lose their minds in the spirit of shopping, shooting and trampling their way to the best deals or to show their friends and family they "love them this many dollars". The holidays are a time for reflection over the last year, to find what you are thankful for and cherish it. The holidays are a time for friends and family to come together for one simple purpose, each other.

There is no greater thing on this earth than the love of family, whoever they may be. They are what drive us to Occupy, they are the reason we exist. If in the spirit of Occupy we ever forget who really drives this machine, then we have lost. Our friends and family shape us even if we don't realize the degree to which they do. They created Occupy by loving us so much we loved them back, by driving us to make their world a better place. So I ask you, if we forgo our responsibilities to show them our love during this time of year, shouldn't we stop fighting? Why continue fighting when you fight for only yourself? At that point do we become the picture of a one-percenter.

Though these many cultural holidays have been co-opted by money, we must never lose sight of their truer and deeper meaning. By understanding this we are Occupying the Holidays, we are co-opting them right back from money. By understanding this we encourage our loved ones to fight along side us. We show them what it means to be a decent human being in today's world. We show them we will never stop loving them.



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