Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11 - Occupy Records

Record label for Occupy - a call out to occupiers & supporters around the world
Occupation Records aims raise £20K in less that 2 weeks for Occupy label - but needs your help!
Hi and solidarity from Occupation Records,

We are the new label formed by people involved with Occupy London to help spread the message of Occupy and support the Occupy movement around the world. What we are doing has the potential to throw open doors by providing funding for Occupy projects around the world, getting the message out through worldwide distribution and creating a democratic alternative for an industry that has produced music that has influenced most of us in profound ways. 

We are in the middle of finalising our first release, Folk the Banks, a folk benefit album with cover artwork by Jamie Reid, the artist behind the Sex Pistols' artwork including God Save the Queen. Featured on the album are some amazing artists, among them Ani DiFranco, Tom Morello, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Billy Bragg, Chumbawumba and Anais Mitchell. Distribution is lined up. Manufacturing is ready to roll. Promotion is ready. What we need now is you.

The label will be an incredible tool for outreach and funding Occupy projects, but we're going to need some help to get there. 

We're raising start up costs for the label with donations via our crowdfunding site. Our deadline to raise the money is less than two weeks - we've already raised almost £3K but we need your help donating and spreading the word to reach our target. There's signed prints of the album artwork by Jamie Reid and copies of the Folk the Banks album in digital, CD and vinyl formats plus more donated as rewards for helping us!

Occupation Records was created when a group of people who had been inspired and involved with Occupy London came together to form the autonomous collective, 45 Revolutions Per Minute, with the aim of facilitating music industry support for the Occupy movement. We want to use our previous experience to create a record label that will help raise awareness of, and funds for, Occupy worldwide. Profits from our releases will support Occupy financially around the world - all profits will be divided between Occupy London (25%), occupations across the UK and Ireland (25%) and a global fund for the Occupy movement and aligned causes. The aim is to help Occupy around the world become more sustainable as the movement grows.

Your financial support will help fund start up costs for Occupation Records as we prepare for the release of the Folk the Banks - and the other four albums currently being lined up! The initial funding we're asking for includes office set up costs, marketing, licensing, manufacturing and worldwide distribution costs.

Using music to spread the word of Occupy
We see music as central to the next phase of Occupy as we take the movement's core messages - of economic, social, environmental and democratic justice for all - into communities, schools, universities, across the internet and around the world. Music has the power to inspire and reach people who haven't heard about Occupy yet - and that's what Occupation Records intends to do. Through music we can find new ways to impact change, steer the debates and get people involved. There are many artists who want to find a way to help and thank people involved in Occupy and we can hope we help them do just that.

Help us spread the word
Please consider donating but - more importantly - please help spread the message through your listservs, your Occupy twitter and facebook accounts, digg, blogs, and anywhere else to get the word out!

Any questions? 
We’ve put together a handy FAQ of some of the questions we’ve heard frequently since coming up with the idea for Occupation Records.  You can find it here:

Occupation Records

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