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December 31st - Occupy Medford in the Medford Library

General Assembly Minutes
Saturday December 31st 2011
Medford Library

1). Open Forum:
            Massachusetts is suing against illegal foreclosures; look at this as an option to bring to Oregon State. If we do choose to occupy foreclosed homes, we need to focus on how best to utilize that time for maximum support and exposure, while we are there. Occupy Portland had occupied a foreclosed home but were kicked out an hour later, not receiving much attention for their work. 

2). Pressing Issues:
            Millions continue to pay for it even if they cannot, taking loans against their house, selling vehicles, cutting costs around any corner they can find to make ends meet. We have realized we deserve better and there is something we can do. When will you?
            Economic Disparity
            Even after Zuccoti parks occupation by the people, we still have not received neither answer nor solution and we cannot rely on them (elite) to solve the problems we have all let happen. It’s time to get our hands in local politics to right the wrong we have let occur. Legislature opens in February, let’s get ready.
            General Attacks and Abuses Against Consitution
            With passing of recent NDAA Bill (look it up) written by Sen. Levin and Sen. McCain, limiting our freedom and placing us, the people, as a terrorist, with organic farmers facing even more scrutiny by FDA, with unemployment continually rising, we must put the beast on a leash or to death before all our freedoms are gone. We need the peoples input.                                                                                                                                              

3).Committee Reports:

            January 7th Teach-In is going to be in the Medford Library's medium sized conference room from 12-4 PM. There will be 6 speakers with 10-15 minutes to speak and 5-10 minutes for questions and answers. Foreclosure research on hold until after the Teach-In.

            We have been approached asking if we would like to attend a joint action, to include occupations from Oregon, in Salem early February for opening of Legislature. We will contact other occupations for solidarity in action. We have formulated and refined a pitch ready for canvassing. We will be doing a canvassing practice run late this week. Thank you again NWSA for all your support and resources!
            Working on mission statement. Rough draft goes like this...Objective is to create organized and professional direct actions that draw attention and expound on knowledge presented or affiliated with current focus of all committees with a focus on the Education Committee. Action Committee will also assist in organizing canvassing with Outreach. Assisting in eachothers endeavors creates a vested interest through participation. Types of actions put forth by committee may include and not limited to sit-ins, flash mobs, bake sales,          petitions and general civil dis-obedience. Action acting as a loud speaker for the peoples voice.

            Finance by laws have been written up and are waiting for approval for next GA. We have $93 dollars in the bank. Some expenses we have paid for are printing costs for flyers, white shirts, button making supplies, cork board for mapping out canvassing areas and other items which will soon be up on website for true transparency. If we cannot rust our banks, maybe the least we can do is be an example of how we would like them to operate.

4). Proposals

            Joint Action in Salem
            More details to come at 7th GA. Rally in time for Legislature.

            Green Armband – PASSED
           To signify brother/sisterhood in occupy movement. Green was synonymous with the Arab uprising for real democracy. Green also symbolizes rebirth and renewal. We are wearing ours, are you?

            Jan 5th Medford City Council Meeting 7pm – PASSED
We will attend to become familiar with process at council meetings, gathering momentum for a formal proposal of Occupy Medford to city council on January 19th 7pm.

            Jan 19th 7pm Formal Presentation of Occupy Medford to City Council                               PASSED
            We will attend and speak at council with a formal introduction and letter indicating who/what we are, where we have been and where we intend on going.

5). Upcoming Events

            Jan 5th - Legal Advice Meeting 5:30 @ NSWA
            Jan 10th - Walden Speaking on JPR
            Jan 11th – Women in Black Rally @ Vogel Plaza 12-1
            Jan 12th – Oregon Action – Divestment/State Bank
                                    Woolworth Building 6:00 PM
            Jan 14th – MLK Speech @ NSWA 4pm
            Jan 16th – Occupy Ashland MLK day 10-12pm (?)
                                    Lithia Plaza (?)
            Jan 15th – MLK Day Event in Medford

**There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal**

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